STEM Intensives
Let us curate your next outing. Our events engage participates in collaborative problem-solving exercises that are both fun and educational. Using our proprietary wearable technology, participants employ the engineering process as a team to build various structures. Event goers brainstorm, design, build, evaluate and finally present their structures created as a group. A rubric is used to gauge the top collaborators. These activities deepen participants understanding of engineering, the design process, science and math content, all while having fun.

Terrarium Workshops
Gardeners participate in an elimination game of plant-based trivia using EnjoyTech interactive watches. The high energy workshops also include an interactive presentation on the history of terrariums as well as step by step instructions for building your own garden in a glass. The very popular terrarium naming ceremony closes out the workshops. At each stage, participants tap into their creative abilities, learn new information about the plant world and engage with other participants. The best part? No green thumb necessary.

Registration for ENJOYSTEM Engineering Summer Camp is now open.