About Us

About Us


The Brothers Cox—Addae, Ade and Sekou— are founders of the educational technology company, EnjoyTech USA, in Brooklyn, New York. After a combined twenty-five years of teaching, the Cox brothers were inspired to create a tool that was directly influenced by their experiences in the classroom. This led to the creation of a smart bracelet that works as a classroom response system, health tracker, and scannable ID.

The smart bracelet engages students in their learning style, builds on the technological advancement happening in education, and collects different data metrics to support in the holistic development of the child to promote academic achievement. After visiting various schools using the technology, the brothers were challenged by a principal to teach kids how to build a smart bracelet instead of showing them on how to use a smart bracelet. Inspired, the brothers created ENJOYSTEM to carry out this vision.

Both Addae and Ade have completed master’s degrees in Education Leadership from Columbia University. Sekou is pursuing his Doctor of Philosophy in Mathematics Education at New York University.

All three oversee the company’s operations. Addae Cox is the Chief Operations Officer; Ade Cox is the Chief Financial Officer; and Sekou Cox is the Executive Director and Chief Technology Officer.

Registration for ENJOYSTEM Engineering Summer Camp is now open.