Registration for ENJOYSTEM Engineering Summer Camp is now open

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Welcome to ENJOYSTEM

ENJOYSTEM curriculum aims to foster the creative spirit. It is our hope that young engineers will transform their thinking and identify engineering in their everyday lives. This realization can arise from something as simple as understanding the force-fulcrum relationship in doors to more complex concepts such as circuit pathways of ceiling lights.

Ultimately, we want the young engineers to remain curious about how everyday inventions function and to be up for the challenge of making everyday inventions better!

Summer Camp

ENJOYSTEM – As the world of scientific innovation continues to unfold, ENJOYSTEM will inspire boys and girls to be innovative in the field of engineering. Our seven-week engineering intensives program aims to create opportunities for students to transition from being users of technology to being the creators of technology.

ENJOYSTEM Science Camp meets Mondays through Friday from 8:15am to 5:45pm. A typical day at camp includes interactive inquiry based sessions along with every day fitness activities and play that assists with building leadership skills, school community and self confidence in the students we serve. Specific activities vary by age.

Special Events

STEM Intensives

Let us curate your next outing. Our events engage participates in collaborative problem-solving exercises that are both fun and educational. Using our proprietary wearable technology, participants employ the engineering process as a team to build various structures. Event goers brainstorm, design, build, evaluate and finally present their structures created as a group. A rubric is used to gauge the top collaborators. These activities deepen participants understanding of engineering, the design process, science and math content, all while having fun.


Registration for ENJOYSTEM Engineering Summer Camp is now open.